Thursday, October 28

I applaud this man!

It doesn't matter what your views are but those women are the types of people who you would even hate to have on your side. They just don't get it.

Tuesday, October 26

Road rage...

People who suffer from road rage often see it as a way venting or releasing their anger. They see it as cathartic but thats only in the short term. In reality anger is like anything you repeatedly do, it can become a habit. Therefore becoming excessively angry on the road is only making it easier to become more angry in the future, you are just encouraging more stress not releasing it.

Wednesday, October 20

Important credit tip

Most people realize having a good credit score is fairly important, right?

Did you know that checking your credit score too many times will actually lower your score?

Yeah, banks and lenders are a bunch of jerks, not surprising.

Tuesday, October 19

A quote!

Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo.
- Infantry Journal

Sunday, October 17

I guess I should make a new post

Here is something most people don't know, although its not that really useful. The US had 13 states originally right, but which one was the 14th. Any guesses?

Well, it turns out is Vermont.

Thank you that is all

Tuesday, October 12

The Onion News gets me every time!

Back and better than ever

Computer issues + being gone this weekend left me unable to post for awhile.   I missed this place and I'm glad to be back.

Wednesday, October 6

Here's something a bit embarrassing

When I first started using the internet I thought that the expression " lol " was a person throwing their hands up in the air over their head.  I had seen people making smileys and faces so I thought this was mimicking an action as well.

I even argued about it with a friend who said it was laugh out loud, I thought mine made more sense, lol.  Ah those were the days!

Did anyone else think this way or was it just me?

Tuesday, October 5

Did you know....

That cat urine glows under a black light?   This actually goes for most any bodily fluids even human blood, urine and semen.  This is mostly due to phosphates and various other fluorescent compounds.  Use this information however you like :)

Saturday, October 2

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 

Albert Einstein

Friday, October 1


Should cross this today, at 99 right now.  I love all the encouraging comments, I have personally used all of these quotes to help motivate myself and I'm glad I can help pass them along to more people!